Power Supply

Shell material: PC + ABS

Input voltage: 100-240V / AC 50/60Hz
Output voltage: 3-24V
Output current: 2.5A
Rated power: 60W
Output Power: 24W
Input line length: 0.5m
Output line length: 1.2m

Plug: EU Plug

–LED Display (VOLTAGE)
–Pure copper core.
–Rugged and durable.
Environmental protection, fire retardant.

–The plastic casings are all cast from PC+ABS.
–With anti-wear and high temperature resistance.

–Ultrasonic welding process, good dust and moisture resistance.

Scope of application:
–Switching power adapter is suitable for liquid crystal display, LED light bar, motor, light cat, mini TV, 2.5 inch mobile hard disk, mobile DVD, TV box, wireless audio and video equipment, charging equipment, MP3/MP4, small table lamp, router, switch, Game machines, telephones, massagers, beauty instruments, motors, lanterns, cameras, monitoring equipment, massagers, beauty instruments, motors, controllers, and other household/portable devices.